Hydrangeas: A trend in the decor world

Hydrangeas are making a big comeback in the floral world. To commemorate this rise of popularity, That’s why we share with you a small guide on this flower so shoppers can order a bunch this holiday season.

Moody Hues

Hydrangeas shift colour over the course of their blooming season, often starting out green then changing to pink and back again. This characteristic makes them sought after for flower delivery in Melbourne. The change actually has to do with the presence of aluminium in the soil as much as the pH. Acidic soil will likely produce flowers that range between shades of blue and purple while an alkaline soil will give petals that are soft pink or red.

Types of Hydrangeas

Mophead hydrangeas have hefty, rounded bunches of flowers growing from a large stem base. This variety comes in a range of colours such as purple, blue and pink and is most commonly seen in bouquets like the Amazing Graze Flowers Truth or Dare Bouquet – one of the boutique florist’s most popular choices for flower delivery in Melbourne.

The lacecap hydrangea features a ring of showy blossoms encircling a bunch of small coloured buds. This produces a unique-looking flower great for garden cultivation.

Panicle hydrangeas grow on an elongated stem, forming a conical creation. This witches-hat shape offers a different look for bouquets, though they’re not often cultivated for arrangements. They can be grown into trees – the only type of hydrangea to do so.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

For cut flowers, such as Amazing Graze Flowers’ Mother’s Gentleness Bouquet, make sure to refresh the vase with room-temperature water daily. If the petals seem to be wilting, cut the stems and immerse them briefly in boiling water before placing them back in their vase.

Want to grow a Hydrangea Plant? Make sure it gets plenty of water and keep an eye on the soil to ensure it stays moist. Unlike other plants, it prefers the shade but will tolerate some morning sunlight.

Hydrangea Flower Delivery worldwide

Investing in a stunning hydrangea bouquet will offer a bonus after summer has gone, as these flowers can easily be dried, giving arrangements a second life.

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