About Us

Flowers R&G was born from the entrepreneurship and strength of a family from the municipality of Marinilla with peasant ancestry. With more than 30 years of experience in the production, post harvest and commercialization of different agricultural products. It gave way to venturing into the floriculture sector, since the municipality does not have companies that are dedicated to the commercialization of flowers.
In the search to generate development for the people of the region and forge their own future, the Flowers R&G company was established on February 28, 2017, dedicated to the production and export of ornamental flowers, with a future projection and being a focus of development for the municipality
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Environmental Management


Flowers R&G S.A.S is a company dedicated to the commercialization of flowers in foreign markets that seeks to satisfy the needs of its customers by guaranteeing a quality product and its timely delivery. It has a group of collaborators committed to continuous improvement and the execution of environmentally friendly processes.


In the year 2022 Flowers R&G S.A.S will be a recognized company in the international floriculture market, for the quality of the products it sells.

Environmental Policies

The trading company FLOWERS R&G SAS, committed to the care and conservation of the environment, encourages and develops activities aimed at mitigating the environmental impacts produced in the development of its activities; based on the promotion of the protection and conservation of a healthy and sustainable environment, and the continuous improvement of environmental practices, complying with the applicable legal requirements and other internal provisions, therefore it is committed to the following guidelines:
Adequately and correctly handle the waste generated in the company; through proper classification and final disposal, in order to minimize contamination, preserve the environment and health.
Rationalize the consumption of water, electricity and paper, through the development and implementation of environmental management programs that allow reducing and / or generating savings through the proper use of these resources.
Carry out campaigns within the company aimed at mitigating the environmental impacts generated within the internal activities of the company.
Comply with legal requirements in relation to environmental aspects associated with company processes, through the adoption or optimization of technologies, techniques and methods to reduce, mitigate and control the significant environmental impacts generated on the environment.